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Long code also known as virtual number is a normal mobile number used exclusively for receiving messages from mobile devices. With long-code services, enterprises are empowered with two-way messaging/SMS capabilities using the familiar 10 digit mobile number. All incoming SMS, to the virtual Number are made available with full details to the customer. The uniqueness about Virtual Numbers is that all sent SMS messages are charged at standard SMS rates, thereby, encouraging widespread use of the same.


  • Long code services are best suited for a closed-circle messaging where business organizations do not want their customers and employees to pay a premium for outgoing SMS.
  • Used by organizations who want their sales force to send them critical information or for receiving queries/responses from the existing customers over SMS.
  • An organization who wants to do real time Data Analysis.


  • You can configure SMS Alert with predefined message(s) and/ or  E-mail alert to receive Sender Number whenever someone is  sending messages to your Service.
  • Auto reply at lightning speed
  • People across the globe can use it.
  • Cheaper to the sender who sends SMS for query.
  • Get your own Keywords.
  • Capture the message and mobile number on your URL.
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