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Health Care Industry


The rate of growth of the health care industry in India is moving ahead neck to neck with the pharmaceutical industry and the software industry of the country. Much has been said and done in the health care sector for bringing about improvement. Health care industry in India is worth $17 billion and is anticipated to grow by 13% every year. Today, like in any other industry, Healthcare industry has recognized the importance of maintaining a persistent relationship with the patients. Patients can query/receive diagnosis reports using SMS short code service Tip-of-day to chronic patients via mass SMS messaging Sending bulk SMS messages to patients on promotional schemes (e.g. free diabetes test this weekend).


  • Faster communication in case of emergencies.
  • Customer retention.
  • Communicating with the mobile workforce.
  • Economical promotions.
  • Going green (saving the environment).
  • Reducing cost of communication.
  • Maintaining the supply chain.
  • Educating people and making them aware.
  • Service recovery.


  • JIFFYSMS Services will give you "A-Z solution" for all your communication & Marketing Activities.


  • Awareness about the diseases (swine flu, AIDS).
  • Information regarding camps (blood donation).
  • Promotional schemes (free diabetic’s checkup).
  • Reminders for patients for timely checkups.
  • Payment reminders.
  • Report information
  • Intimating consultant physicians, surgeons, anesthetists and nurses about treatment schedules and generation of alerts in case of emergency requirements.
  • Broadcasting messages about any emergency developments, meetings, seminars etc.
  • Broadcasting messages about any emergency developments, meetings, seminars etc.
  • Alerting registered professional blood-donors, blood-donation camp organizers in the event of shortages.
  • Provision information regarding availability and stock-position of drugs (including lifesaving ones).
  • Sending reminders to suppliers of drugs, oxygen cylinders and other inventories in the event of shortfalls / stock-outs.

Short Codes Services:

  • Tip of the day.
  • Billing details.
  • Route information.
  • Fixing/changing appointments


Email Marketing Campaigns:

  • Up-sell and Cross-sell Products and Services.
  • Gain Valuable Feedback from your Visitors.
  • It builds relationships, loyalty and trust.
  • Increase Your Sales Conversion.
  • Generate Repeat Sales.
  • It drives direct sales.
  • It is data driven.
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