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Educational Institutions are changing lives, societies and countries. With the mushrooming of education institutions across India, to keep pace with demand, education is a highly evolving industry. As in today's world the parents are getting more conscious about their wards progress so there is a need in the industry to have a two way communication between the schools and the parents so as to reduce the communication gap. Other than communicating with parents there is a need of inter departmental communication also which need to be taken care of to increase the efficiency of the staff and other departments.SMS can act as a solution to all such problems in the following ways:-


Communication between teachers, parents,administrators, and most importantly with students. Parents want their students to get a good education and have fun in school. Teachers want to get through to kids and provide them with a good education. Administrators like to see the success of a whole school as well as provide a nurturing environment for students. And the students want to get through school without feeling bored and unmotivated. So how does one go about uniting these very different causes and pointing them towards a common goal of a student's education? Well, communication is the key. Without it, teachers will feel hassled, parents will feel annoyed, administrators will feel drained, and students will feel confused and let down. In such a situation the industry needs a medium which is fast, economical.


JIFFYSMS Services will give you "A-Z solution" for all your communication & Marketing Activities.


  • Emergency school/parent notification.
  • Exam timetable/results.
  • Admission test results.
  • For marketing purpose.
  • Informing students if any extra class scheduled.
  • Detailed schedule of the day of faculties.
  • Interdepartmental notifications.
  • Parent/teacher communication.
  • Information if there is any strike, bandh, any holidays.
  • Absenteeism alert.
  • Events information.
  • Fees dues/acknowledgement.
  • Seminar information to faculties.
  • Sending promotional messages on a mass-scale to prospective students.
  • Helping the Alumni Association.
    • Announcing re-unions and fests and inviting the members on such occasions.
    • Sending alerts regarding changes in schedules of such events.
    • Sending greetings / messages to all members of the association.
    • Entertaining request for registration and intimating registration status to would-be members.


  • Admission form availability enquiry.
  • Attendance.
  • Advertising at start of academic year
  • Fees enquiry (due date, amount).
  • Allowing parents/Students to access Exam results via SMS
  • Queries/complaints.
  • Applying for leave to the concerned authority.
  • Request for appointment with the Principal / faculty and get immediate confirmation.
  • Organize interactive opinion poll for students / parents / faculties (faculty feedbacks).


  • Up-sell and Cross-sell Products and Services.
  • It supports sales through other channels.
  • Generate Repeat Sales.
  • Drive Web Users to Make Offline Purchases.
  • It builds relationships, loyalty and trust.
  • Gain Valuable Feedback from your Visitors.
  • Increase Your Sales Conversion.
  • It drives direct sales.
  • It allows targeting.
  • It is data driven.
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