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Anchor Your Career to the JIFFYSMS
The main success factor for the Company's growth, are the JIFFYSMS employees and talent selected for this exciting journey. We believe that success of an organization purely depends on the quality of its staff. The JIFFYSMS considers its employees among its most important stakeholders in taking it to new pinnacles of service standards and customer delight. Regardless of where your interests lie, a great opportunity awaits you at JIFFYSMS, and the possibilities are endless. Take charge of your career today and start achieving your potential. Be your best.
What is in it for you to work for the JIFFYSMS?

  • The JIFFYSMS compounds this advantage because of the diversity of its products, properties and people.
  • The JIFFYSMS nurtures a service mentality that demands an attitude of being quick and agile in terms of response time, attention to detail, operational excellence, postponing gratification to ensure that the customer is delighted at all times and developing one's social radar through networking skills.
  • The JIFFYSMS provides its employees space and elbow room for exploring opportunities to emerge as career leaders in a supportive environment through a high potential program in which every executive has a chance to participate.
  • The safe environment of the JIFFYSMS encourages its employees to be outspoken, to grow in self-confidence and this self-development journey which accompanies a career in the JIFFYSMS become a self fulfilling prophecy for success and excellence.

Wish to join our workforce for an exciting career? Send us your updated profile and cover letter at career@jiffysms.com

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